MLK Staff

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Grayson, KimberlyMain Office40420
Trainer, JamesCommons40585Assistant
Amundson, RachaelMain Office40480Assistant
Welk, LynetteCommons / Assessment Rm40548Assistant
Cochran, BrianCommons40483Post-Secondary
Ritchie, StuartMain Office40518Assistant
Galaviz, Camille12340505Dean of Student
Sanchez, StephanieMain Office40485Office Support
Hall, TyMain Office40578Office Support
Chavira, MiriamMain Office40472Office Support II
Montoya, Amaris13040580Office Support
Watts, Wayne13040541Career
Legg, Hap20040501College Readiness
Meyer, MaryAnne20040482College Readiness
Wickers, Jody20040450School
Face & Americorps
Mike Ramsey
Cafeteria/ 190
40490FACE and
Sandoval, Derek237A40496Denver Scholarship Foundation College
Deans/Restorative Justice
Hawkins, DerekUpstairs Discipline
Murdock, JasonDownstairs Discipline
Officer Kenneth HarrisDownstairs Teacher Lounge / 174Denver Police Cell
Davidson, YoletteCommunity Room/Student Lounge40422Security
Harvey, Jordan
Community Room/Student Lounge40422Restorative
Support Staff and Services
Jessica HughesMain OfficeNew Teacher Support
Denver Health ClinicClinic40476School Based Clinic
Hawkins FeliciaClinic
Smith, JazlynClinic40488Health
Ireland, PitouUpstairs Mental Health Center40477Social
Vaughn, PamelaCommons/ 25140447Trauma/ Addictions Social
Onwuegbu, MindiLibrary
Armstrong, LacyCommons / Assessment Rm40545SAL/AVID
Martinez-Castellanos, JoseMain Office40462/40439Family Community
TBDLibrary40468Speech Therapist
Fair, Julianne26240436Physical Therapist (Wed only)
Lopez-Crowley, LynnDownstairs Mental Health 199b40432Gifted and
Kimball, MeghanUpstairs Discipline
Wade, JohnFacility Manager Office40479Facility
Thobhani, HakeemFood Services40484Cafeteria
Leichtman, JeffDownstairs Mental Health Ctr40491School Based
Braxton, Tyrone255B40491School Based
DePue, CoreyLibrary 101/B40461School Based
Anaya, JeremyNorth
Apio-White, Armando113405066th Grade Science
Benninghoff, Anna "Grace"8th Grade Math Fellows
Bevington, Emily13840497SPED
Blieszner, Anne21240483HS Language Arts
Boblitt, Caitlin22340423HS
Boylan, Tim135405357th Grade Language
Bruce, Rachel23640466Debate
Christensen, Billie Jo20340459HS Language
Clark, Susannah128405288th Grade Language
Clothier, Kelty120405208th Grade Social
Cohran, Martina9th Grade Math Fellows
Cordova, Alejandro11440595Spanish
Crouse, Maria23040430HS
Dahkal, DaharaniELA
Damon, Christina10340598Sped MS
Daniels, Debra9th Grade Math Fellows
DeJarnett, Hanna111405116th Grade
Diosdado, BrendaELA -
Edmonds, Cynthia13740537SPED-PARA
Farnham, Liza116405166th Grade Language
Fortune, SandraSPED -
Gabalis, Garrett107405076th Grade Language
Gish, LizabethSPED -
Glidden, Treyce203HS Language
Gordon, Tiffany22940429HS
Graves, Nick 22640426DTR - HS
Harrison, Glenn139A/
Haswell, LorettaSPED -
Hawkins, JanellMedia
Hernandez, Theresa13840497SPED- PARA
Hernandez-Ramirez, Heisel9th Grade Math Fellows
Hiatt, Sydney 21440564DTR - HS
Higgins, Kelsey22440424HS
Hinchman, Kylie134405347th Grade
Hunt-Brown, CynthiaSPED -
Jackman, Madeleine7th Grade Math Fellows
Jacobs, Rachel12940529HS Language Arts
Justice, Matthew119405198th/9th Grade
Kartchner, Lindsay22040473HS Social
Kelly, Brendan21840568HS Social
Kelly, MattNorth
Kraus, Jeff21740568HS Social
Lab 21021040583Computer Lab
Lake, Nicholas13640536SPED HS
Lewman, Jamie7th Grade Math Fellows
Long, Nicholas109405096th Grade Social
Ludwick, Jayme127405277th Grade Social
Madsen, Ashley13840497SPED
Martinez, Regina
Math Fellows126405257th Grade Math Fellows
Math Fellows108405086th Grade Math Fellows
Math Fellows133405338th Grade Math Fellows
Math Fellows
Morris, Heather22540525HS
Morten, Katy14040540HS Computers /
Mory-Cardenas, Paulina12340523SPED- PARA
Opferman, Michael22840428HS
Perez, Susana11440595Spanish
Prahm, Amada22640426HS
Quezada, Laura23640466AAA
Reyes-Galavez, MarielELA-PARA
Roberts, Kiara125405257th Grade Language
Seufert, Josef8th Grade Math Fellows
Sevier, Emily121405218th Grade Language
Short, Marva10540505SPED HS
Smilack, Simeon20640456HS
Smith, CJ21240563HS Language
SPED Sensory10440504SPED MM
Student Senate/CCA23340433Student Senate/CCA
Sumner, Keane22140421HS Social Studies-AVID
Tate, Zeasuchia126405267th Grade Math Fellows
Taylor, Matthew22240592HS Social
Thomas, Sarah22740427HS
U'Ren, Jason13240532Band/OrchestraJason_U'
VanHorn, Victoria112405126th Grade Language
VanTreese, Melissa20740457HS Language
Vargas-Restrepo, Juan Carlos12940529World LanguageWorld Language
Vaughns, Whitney10540523MI
Vivanco, Ynes12840528World
Vondracek, Andrea21440564CE/MS Grade
Whimbush, Jameelah13640536SPED MS
Whittaker, Molly8th Grade Math Fellows
Williams, Heather131/19040531/40591Vocal