MLK Staff

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Grayson, KimberlyMain
Scales, JacqueMain Office40475Assistant Principal/
CTE Coordinator
Trainer, JamesCommons40585Assistant
Amundson, RachaelCommons40480Assistant
Welk, LynetteCommons / Assessment Rm40548Assistant
Cochran, BrianCommons40483Post-Secondary
Chavira, MiriamMain Office40472Office
Hall, Ty Main Office40478Treasurer
Sanchez, StephanieMain Office40485Office
Wint, CasandraCollege Resource
Legg, HapCollege Resource Center40501College Readiness
Wickers, JodyCollege Resource Center40450College
Rainey, Jasmine 237
Deans/Restorative Justice
Hawkins, DerekUpstairs Discipline
White, TawrenceUpstairs Discipline Center40474Restorative
1st Floor Security Office
1st floor Faculty Lounge40448Security
Support Staff and Services
Denver Health ClinicClinic40476School Based Clinic
Ireland, PitouUpstairs

McDonald, SusanDownstairs Mental Health
Onwuegbu, MindiLibrary
Armstrong, LacyCommons / Assessment Rm40545SAL/AVID
Martinez-Castellanos, JoseMain Office40462/40439Family Community
Altieri, Luann
MS Social
Apio-White, Armando113405066th Grade Science
Bakke, Christopher23040430HS
Banks, Sara Jean22340423HS
Bevington, Emily13840497SPED
Blieszner, Anne21240483HS Language Arts
Boylan, Tim135405357th Grade Language
Bruce, Rachel23640466Debate
Christensen, Billie Jo20340459HS Language
Clark, Susannah128405288th Grade Language
Diosdado, BrendaELA -
Farnham, Liza116405168th Grade Language
Fortune, SandraSPED -
Galaviz, Camille12340523SPED MS
Garcia, Patricia108405086th Grade
Gish, LizabethSPED -
Gordon, Tiffany22940429HS
Graves, Nick 22640426DTR - HS
Harrison, Glenn139A/
Haswell, LorettaSPED -
Hauck, Frances107405076th Grade Language
Hawkins, JanellMedia
Hernandez, Theresa13840497SPED- PARA
Hiatt, Sydney 21440564DTR - HS
Hughes, Jessica21540565HS
Hylton, Elizabeth23140431HS
Hyman, Robi23340433SPED HS
Hunt-Brown, CynthiaSPED -
Jacobs, Rachel129405298th Grade Language
Kartchner, Lindsay22040473HS Social
Kelly, Alexzander115405157th Grade Science
Kilcoyne, Magen21840568HS Social
Lake, Nicholas13640536SPED HS
Levine, LisaMarie13740537SPED-PARA
Long, Nicholas109405096th Grade Social
Lopez, Athena12340523SPED-PARA
Lopez, MayraELA-PARA
Ludwick, Jayme127405277th Grade Social
Martinez, David22640426HS Math
Martinez, Regina
Math Fellows105/11440505/40595Tutors
Math Fellows133405337th Grade Math Fellows
Math Fellows118405818th Grade Math Fellows
Math Fellows110405109th Grade Math Fellows
Mortelette, Jonathan134405347th Grade
Morten, Katy14040540HS Computers /
Mory-Cardenas, Paulina12340523SPED- PARA
Nelson, James117405178th Grade Math

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