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High School Athletics Winter Sports Information

Posted November 1, 2022

Hello Families of Dr. Martin Luther King High School (DMLK), Legacy Options, Montbello High School, Montbello Career Tech, Northeast Early College, Robert F. Smith High School (RFSA), and Vista Academy,

The Far Northeast (FNE) region is rich with tradition and a variety of sports options for students and families.  This message is an effort to provide guidance for the students, families, and staff of the Far Northeast region as it relates to the upcoming Winter Sports season.

We are excited for the upcoming 2022-23 Winter Sports opportunities with tryouts and official practices beginning on Monday, November 14.  The Winter Sports opportunities for the 2022-23 season will include boys basketballgirls basketballgirls divingice hockeygirls swimming, boys wrestling, and girls wrestling.  

In order to be eligible for tryouts and official practices, students must complete and submit:

Please complete:  Interest Form for All 2022-23 Winter Sports Scholar-Athletes

In order to guide students and families with the most accurate information for the Winter Sports Season, please complete the Winter Sports Interest Form.

Wrestling (Boys and Girls), Ice Hockey, Skiing, and Girls Swimming and Diving

Students that are interested in the boys and girls wrestling season, girls swimming and diving, skiing, and ice hockey may participate at a school/program that is within their district of residence and/or the student’s district of enrollment since these sports will not be offered as a part of the Far Northeast, Montbello, or DMLK Winter Sports programming.  

Boys and Girls Basketball

The Far Northeast Warriors, Montbello High School, and Dr. Martin Luther King High School will host a combined tryout, beginning on November 14.   All eligible students from the Classes of 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026 from across the FNE region, are invited to participate in tryouts for girls and boys basketball. The coaching staffs that represent the FNE Warriors, Montbello HS, and DMLK HS will be present for this combined tryout.

Items to submit to the Athletic Director prior to Tryout(s):

  • Hard copy of Parent Permission Form–  This document can also be picked up/completed at the main office of your student’s school.
  • A current physical exam-  To make an appointment please call the number listed here.  
  • *(a Familyid registration and pay to play will be required after the teams are selected)

Tryout Date: November 14, 2022 (subject to change)

Boys Basketball Tryout Location:  Isabella Bird Elementary School, 5:00p-7:00p

Girls Basketball Tryout Location:  Northeast Early College, 4:30p-6:30p

Scholar-athletes for basketball will be selected to the following teams:

Far Northeast Warriors Varsity and JV, Girls and Boys Basketball.

  • All students that meet the eligibility guidelines are welcome to try out for the Varsity and JV program hosted by the FNE Warriors.
  • Seniors are only eligible for the Varsity program.

C-Team Opportunities for Girls and Boys

Students in the FNE Region may try out and participate on the Montbello C-Team or the DMLK C-Team.  Families should select the C-team where the student will participate in the majority of their sports.

  • Montbello HS-  Students eligible for the Montbello High School C-Team may include students from Montbello High School, Legacy, Vista, MCT, RFSA, and NEC.
  • Montbello High School students that are trying out for a C-Team, can only participate at Montbello HS.
  • DMLK HS-  Students eligible for the DMLK C-Team may include students from DMLK, Legacy, Vista, MCT, RFSA, and NEC.
  • DMLK High School students that are trying out for a C-Team, can only participate at DMLK HS.

Please complete the interest form for the Winter Sports season, so that we can provide your family with the most accurate information.

We are looking forward to an outstanding 2022-2023 Winter Sports Season!

Thank you for your continued support,

Damian Brown, Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Montbello High School

Max Ishikawa, Athletic Director, Far Northeast Warriors

Shurrod Maxey, Athletic Director, Dr. Martin Luther King High School