The School Governance Board The School Governance Board (SGB) is an advisory board responsible for
modifying or creating systems and structures within the school. Innovation status states that although DMLK is a district managed school,
they may waive some of the district policies, state statutes and collective bargaining agreements which allows
DMLK to design and implement innovative practices in a wide variety of areas for the purpose of improving
student achievement.
Through innovation status, the Early College has flexibility to govern ourselves in a way that keeps us focused
on our mission.

  • Our SGB is responsible for insuring that programs that we adopt, personnel we hire, schedules we set, and policies we implement are
    vetted and scrutinized to insure they are beneficial to our students.
  • We are intervening to demonstrate proficiency, accelerating when
    possible, teaching in a culturally responsive manner, and providing equity to a community that is economically and educationally disadvantaged.

Innovation status has enabled us to customize our leadership team.  We have unique positions (which could change based on the needs of our
school) such as restorative justice coordinator and ILT’s who can quickly, efficiently, forcefully, innovatively, and professionally steer our
faculty and staff toward best practices for our students.