Frequently Asked Questions

How do I schedule a student shadow for my child?
If you would like your student to experience classes of the the grade in which your child is entering, please contact Jose Martinez at  or call 720-424-0462
Where can I schedule a tour of the school?
If you would like to schedule a tour of the school, please contact our Parent and Community Liaison, Jose Martinez 720.424.0462 or email  Se habla espanol
What is Parent Portal?

Parent Portal is a quick link on the Early College website where parents/guardians can track your student’s class schedule, teachers’ posting of homework and grades, student attendance, and much more.

For more information, visit

If you have specific questions regarding Parent Portal, please contact our [Parent and Community Liaison, Michael Mudd]

How does my student get their Student Identification Card?
Early College students are issued an I.D. card from the school picture they take during registration or on retake day near the beginning of the school year. The student is expected to have their I.D. in their possession at all times while they are on our school campus. If a student loses their I.D., one free replacement will be provided by Main Office.
How diverse is Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College?

Students at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College come from a wide variety of ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The student body is comprised of the following ethnicities:
American Indian- 2%
Asian/Pacific Islander- 2%
African American- 25%
Hispanic- 67%
Caucasian- 3%
Other- 1%

To celebrate the diversity at the Early College, various clubs and resources are available to support all students regardless of their races, religions, sexual identity, gender.

How can parents get involved?
Parent volunteers are always welcome at the Early College. Various areas can use the additional support of parents. To find out more information about volunteering, please contact the Parent and Community Liaison.
Can I observe my student during the school day?
Early College parents are welcome and encouraged to observe their children during the school day. [Red chair program]
When and where can I register my student at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College?

Before the registration process begins at the school, you must FIRST visit or contact the Choice Office at Evie Dennis- 720.423.7627 or

Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College-Documents Required for Registration

Photo I.D. of Parent/Guardian: A driver’s license or any other photo I.D. is acceptable
Documentation of Student’s Date of Birth Please bring ONE of the following: Birth Certificate Hospital Certificate Baptismal or church Certificate Valid Passport
Proof you live at your Address: (Note: Disconnect notices are not acceptable forms of proof of residency) If you own your home, please bring TWO of the following: Warranty Deed, Deed of Trust, or Bill of Sales Purchase contract with possession date or closing date not more than 90 days out Current utility bill i.e. Xcel Energy, or water, mortgage statement or cable bill-your name and address must be clearly marked (both portions of a bill are required. property/service address must match mailing address) last or current month.
Property tax bill for current year (property/service address must match mailing address)
IF YOU RENT, please bring TWO of the following: Current Signed Lease or Rental Agreement Current notarized letter from the landlord Current utility bill i.e. Xcel Energy, phone (not cell) or water, mortgage statement or cable bill-your name and address must be clearly marked (both portions of a bill are required, property/service address must match mailing address) last or current month.

IF YOU ARE LIVING WITH ANOTHER FAMILY-ALL of the following are required:

A current notarized letter from the owner/renter of the residence with who you live stating the length of time you will be staying.
Proof of address from the owner/renter of the residence (see required documents above) If possible current proof of your residence at that address

Immunization Records-Required by state law:
Previous School Information:
Name, address, phone and fax number of previous school
Withdrawal form from previous school
Transcripts for students entering high school

Is an academic advisor (Counselor) assigned to my student?

Yes, each student is assigned a counselor and will help students in curriculum and course selection. It is most beneficial to encourage your child to take the lead in getting to know his or her Counselor early in the first semester of their Early College career. That same counselor will assist your child throughout their tenure at Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College. Counselors can assist with anything from course selection to middle school to high school transition, to college preparation and college visits and more. If you don’t know your student’s counselor, call the Counseling Center.

Is there any student aid available?
If a family is experiencing financial hardship, please connect with the school’s Social Worker as well as the Parent and Community Liaison to learn about resources and opportunities offered. The information provided will remain confidential to the school.
What do I do if my child is going to be absent?
You must notify the Attendance Office via phone at (720) 424.0555, within two days of the absence. Please provide your student’s name, their student ID number, the reason for the absence, dates of the absence, your name and a phone number where you can be reached during the day.
How do I excuse my child early?
You must notify the Main Office at (720) 424.0420, with your name, your student’s name, and the reason for leaving early. When you arrive, your child will be called out of class with their belongings and you must sign them out in the main office before leaving the premises.
What if my child skips a class?
You will be notified of the class absence by the automated attendance system, either by phone, email or both. You can also check attendance on Parent Portal. The main office or the Discipline Team can answer any questions you have regarding attendance. Interventions ranging from detention to Saturday school will be assessed depending on the number of violations.
How do I get homework for my child when they have been absent?
If your child is absent, you can reach out to any of the student’s teachers to get the specific work needed. If you are not aware of what teachers your student has, you can access their schedule via Parent Portal or please contact your student’s counselor for further assistance.
How can I request records?

To request records, please contact:

Miriam Chavira
(720) 424-0472

Where can my student get one-on-one tutoring?
MetroStateUniversityIn addition to one-on-one tutoring with teachers during their hours of availability, the Early College has a tutoring partnership with Metropolitan College of Denver. Metro tutors are available to assist all students with any content area on Tuesdays and Thursdays after school from 3:00-4:30 in the Community Room.

How can I opt my student out of state testing?

Assessments provide valuable information for students, parents and educators on whether or not students have mastered grade level content and are on track to graduate prepared for the 21st century. Assessments provide valuable information to improve curriculum, instruction and leadership in order to better serve your child. Each student gains from assessment data because teachers know what students need. Teachers gain from assessment data because they grow as educators and can meet those particular needs. Assessment data helps students grow, regardless of their academic level, contributing to the DPS vision of Every Child Succeeds. Though state testing is very important, parents do have the right to opt their children out of some assessments.

The window for parents and families to request an assessment exemption (opt-out) is now open. Parents who would like to opt out of eligible assessments can fill out the Assessment Participation Exemption Request Form. This form is available in the DPS Parent Portal. Parents must complete this form by March 2.

The assessments available for exemption include:
• CMAS (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)
• CoAlt (English Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies)
• Colorado Spanish Language Arts (CSLA)
• PSAT 9 and PSAT 10
• Parents cannot opt their students out of ACCESS, TS Gold, W-APT or READ Act assessments.