Students First- DMLK Welcomes Pamala Vaughn as New Trauma Informed Social Worker

This year we welcome, Pamala Vaughn, as our new trauma informed social worker. As Carole Learned-Miller put it, “Trauma has many causes, including poverty, abuse, and neglect. In the last few months, children across the country have lost their homes, or their loves ones, to hurricanes, fires, earthquakes, mass shootings. Some young people are helplessly watching as immigration laws change and threaten to deport them and their family members.”

At Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Early College we will be ready to support our students that are facing trauma with a compassionate and research-informed approach. We have to remain mindful that whether the trauma happened yesterday or years ago, its till affects the brain development and functioning of our students. This is why our students, who are facing trauma, often struggle in school. They have difficulty regulating their behaviors.

I am both excited and honored to work with Pamala Vaugh as she brings a wealth of knowledge and experience. Our students are going to get the support they need to help build resilience and regain functionality.

Please see the letter from Pamala Vaughn.

Letter from Pamala Vaughn

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