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 P.A.W. Patrol

   What does P.A.W. Patrol Stand for? 

Panthers Actively Winning

What is the purpose?

We believe family and community engagement play a pivotal role in the learning experience of students at Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Early College (DMLK). As such, we seek to address gaps that may be present or may arise in the instructional care of the DMLK student-body by increasing the physical, social-emotional, and academic support of our students through partnership with parents, guardians, caretakers, community leaders, and volunteers. Through this partnership, faculty, staff and students will have greater access to resources they can employ to resolve various issues, develop holistic plans of actions, and create pathways to success for the Students.


Our mission is to increase the engagement of the community within the four-walls of DMLK through intentional invitation, consistent dialogue, and the development of curated spaces at DMLK for community collaboration and exchange of ideas and solutions. Through P.A.W. parents, guardians, caretakers, volunteers, and stakeholders will have the opportunity to be present in our building during school hours.


We envision an educational environment characterized by thriving faculty, staff and students that are fully supported and connected through meaningful and lasting relationships with our community. We envision a safe environment where students feel protected, grounded, and sustained both inside and outside of the school. We envision an environment whereby teachers are ungirded with the support they need from parents and stakeholders, giving way to holistic instructional care inside the classroom. We envision parents that are fully engaged and ready to serve DMLK.


Parents, guardians and community members are not expected to be teachers, deans, campus security or anything of that nature. P.A.W. Patrols will be present in the hallways, in classrooms,  during passing periods, recess and or lunch engaging and building relationships with our students and staff!

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